Nico van den Berg Director of Photography



About Nico

Nico van den Berg is a Director of Photography that is consumed with the unique and complex visual language of narrative filmmaking. Nico has had the pleasure of shooting several award winning short films, such as, ‘Catch the Clock’ ‘Lockwood’ and ‘Guilt’ along with commercial work for leading brands such as, Mobil 1 Oil, Energizer, Square and SalesForce.

Nico’s latest film, a dramatic comedy, ‘Bad Night’ (starring Matt Walsh, Molly Ringwald, Lauren Elizabeth, Jennifer Penn, and Adam Pally) is now available on Vimeo On Demand, iTunes, and Netflix. 



Nico shoots with patience and purpose to create clean choreographed compositions that are both balanced and beautiful. His visual presence is defined by high contrast elements, whether it be through light and shadow or wide sweeping landscapes against dramatic close ups.

Nico is passionate about the technical execution behind his storylines and the creative collaboration that helps him get there. He strives for every shot to be worthy of the editing room, challenging himself and his crew to achieve the best possible aesthetic.

Nico has fun while he works, and believes that leading with decisiveness and a sense of humor help his team to have fun too. Above all, Nico values the chance to collaborate with talented creatives around the world to produce films that will inspire.